“Peckový” Team Retreat

At the beginning of February 2023, the TEAM went on their regular mission to share and gather the knowledge and to prepare for the upcoming semester – Team Retreat!

This time, we went to Pecka – hence the name “peckový”. The cottage was also quite “pecková”, we had fully equipped kitchen and sauna at disposal just as it was advertised (end sarcasm).

It was quite cold in the cottage, but we had a fireplace

Pecka in winter is not the warmest place on the Earth… And it didn’t help that the PVP duo came last so they weren’t able to preheat the cottage. But we had something better – the warmth of our friendship! Well, and also radiators and even a cooker/oven.

Who needs a radiator?

We had a packed agenda, but there was still some time to play games and rest a bit. The team members talked about their responsibilities and goals and we made a plan for the upcoming semester.

We also took some time to explore the surroundings on a short hike. We visited the local castle, where we took the profile pictures.

And who will coordinate the events for exchange students in Spring 2023?

  • President – Rajmund Hruška
  • Vicepresident – Thanh Hung Le
  • Treasurer – Kája Veselá
  • QaK – Přemysl Pilař
  • HR – Tereza Vrbová
  • PR – Filip Marek
  • LR – Ernesto Iván Ochoa Hidalgo
  • Prague LR – Pavel Kříž
  • Buddy – Ondrej Jarina
  • Point – Tomáš Kříž
  • Care – Kristýna Vopatová
  • Languages – Tereza Petrčková
  • inteGREAT – Daniel Nagy
  • Alumni – Kateřina Zípková
  • Activities – Dominik Hodan
  • IT – Mirek Matějček
  • Trips – Martin Sobotka
  • Photo – Monika Svobodová
  • Promo – Kateřina Kobrlová
  • Visa – David Vostřez

P.S.: Did you also have a feeling that Nutella had a weird, low cost taste?

Secret mission – Nutella sabotage

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