Without delay, obtain your University ID card purchase a Prague City public transportation card, and (for EU citizens) register for health care on the basis of your EHIC card

University ID card

There are two options, you can make your own choice.

CTU Student Identity Card

  • CTU Student Identity Card
  • Price: for free, in the case of loss, a fee of CZK 200 is charged for a duplicate
  • Serves for:
    • Admission to CTU premises
    • Borrowing books from university libraries
    • Borrowing books from National Technical Library (for a fee)
    • Discount card for CTU buffets and dining halls
    • Confirmation of your student status (e.g. for a public transport season ticket and for discounts)

International Student Identity Card with the CTU logo

  • International Student Identity Card with the CTU logo
  • Price: CZK 380, in the case of loss, a fee of CZK 200 is charged for a duplicate
  • Covers all services stated above
  • In addition, serves as the only accepted international student identity card in 116 countries and offers many discounts (for further information visit

Where to get it

Identity Card Publishing House

Bechyňova 2571/3, Praha 6
+420 224 358 472
+420 224 358 471
+420 224 358 467
Opending hours
Mo – Thu: 8:00 – 15:30
Fr: 8:00 – 15:00

To avoid long queues you can register yourself for specific date and time via the electronic reservation system.

Public transportation card

You can buy a PID pass with a season paper ticket, buy a season paper ticket with your University ID card or buy a Lítačka electronic card.

PID pass + season paper ticket

Season paper ticket with your University ID card

Note: Only for students under the age of 26

You can get Season paper ticket to your University ID card

Lítačka electronic card

Student discount

To obtain a student discount you have to bring, and keep all the time with you, the Confirmation of your student status (the little orange-coloured confirmation document from your Welcome Pack), or your University ID card.

Health insurance card (EHIC)

  • European Health Insurance Card
  • EHIC (= European Health Insurance Card) is for students from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland
  • Why: you have to show your EHIC card and a special paper from the VZP state insurance organisation to prove you have health insurance cover whenever you visit a doctor or any medical institution.
  • Without this documentation, you have to pay for standard medical care in the Czech Republic and treatment may be refused to you
  • How to get it: Visit and register in VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna České republiky) at Na Perštýně 6, Prague 1 to obtain an official document providing you the same health service as for local citizens
  • ISC will offer to take you to register during Orientation Week. It is important to register without delay.
  • Note: Students not from EU countries are required to have health insurance from an authorized insurance company and the original contract has to be written in the Czech language. You can, usually, arrange this online.