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& create surroundings where different cultures meet and foreign and Czech students get to know each other



Bohemian Paradise Trip

"Do you like history and nature? Now you have the opportunity to enjoy both of them. Jičín is a historic town established in the 12th century so it offers a variety of architectural styles just like Prague. Czech Paradise is a protected landscape area and we will walk through its best know part Prachov Rocks. Prachov Rocks is a labyrinth of sandstone rocks. Jičín and Czech Paradise are bounded together with a well-known story about bandit Rumcajs who was fighting with the earl of Jičín. 


The meeting will be at Černý Most terminal station of the metro line B at 8:40. In Jicin we will visit the town and town gallery before going to a restaurant to have lunch (not included in the price). After lunch, we will go in the rocks, the planned track is around 13 km long (no rocks climbing, only stairs). It's recommended taking some snacks and water with you. We will return home in the evening at the latest 19:15.

Don’t forget to take with you: 

- ISIC card

- touristic shoes

- warm clothing and some clothing for rainy weather

- water and some snacks

- money

- most importantly good mood. 


Price - 300,- Czech crowns"

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Krušné hory Trip

Hello hikers!

Another trip is coming! This time we will go to the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory), which are situated in the North-West of the Czech Republic. The area has a very old history and all together with beautiful mountains and surrealistic landmarks it is really unique. Be sure it is worth visiting!
We will go for a weekend trip there. On Friday afternoon we will leave Prague and go by train to the mountains. The first night we will spend in a medieval castle - this will be another truly unique experience. On Saturday we will make a trip about 17 km long. Then we will stay in a mountain cottage overnight. On Sunday we will make about 20 km long trip and then travel by train back to Prague.
If you are up for an adventure, don't hesitate to sign in, the capacity is limited!

It will be necessary to have a proper equipment for hiking - warm clothes and hiking boots. There might be some snow and we also can't guarantee a beautiful weather for the entire trip.

Complete schedule:
Way there: Friday 15:32 - 18:29 Train to Stráž nad Ohří
Friday night: Castle Hauenštejn
Saturday: hike to Boží dar (17 km)
Saturday night: Mountain cottage in Boží Dar
Sunday: hike to Horní Blatná (20 km)
Way back: Sunday 15:02 - 20:26 Train to Prague

Be aware that this is a hiking trip and we can't provide you all “city” comfort. Due to the different food preferences and limited capacity of our own backpacks you will be fully dependent on your own provisions. Despite that, we believe that this trip is exactly what you desire and we will surely enjoy the beauty of the Ore Mountains and escape from your comfort zone.
If you are not sure what to take with you or you wanna ask for something, just send us a message.

1500 CZK

Price includes:
Accomodatin (2 nights)
Snacks and refreshment on a way

The capacity is 20 people.

What: ISC Hike trip
Where: Ore Mountains
When: 22-24.11.
Meeting point: 22.11.2019 at 15:10, Prague main train station, near piano next to the elevators.
Price: 1500 CZK
Back in Prague: Sunday evening

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OUR VISION is to create an international community at the Czech Technical University in Prague. We want to integrate exchange students into life in the Czech Republic and into events at our university. We create surroundings where different cultures meet and foreign and Czech students get to know each other.

We support the active involvement of our members, their self-realization and personal development in a creative environment where there is a friendly and open atmosphere.

In this way we contribute to understanding, friendship and cooperation among the nations in Europe and throughout the world.


Our culture certainly stands on some values we all share. These values are crucially important to our organization and they reflect the way we dream, work, cooperate and communicate. Learn more about our culture in our Spirit Book


Sergio Martín

I have a lot of good memories of the Czech Technical University (CTU), but the first thing I have to emphasize is the International Student Club (ISC). Due to the nice and friendly atmosphere I could feel since the beginning.

I decided to help them with the organization of some activities like the orientation week, language meetings, sport events or trips. I’ve also been teaching my Spanish language to other students!

It has been an unbelievable experience for me that I recommend to every Erasmus student for sure!

Sergio Martín, Spain

Mikel Ogueata

Joining ISC CTU in Prague allowed me many things. At the beginning of the semester, it helped me with getting to know new people from all over the world. I started learning German (with a very nice teacher) in the Masarykova dormitory, I discovered lots of new places in Prague by attending the Café Lingea meetings, where my language skills were tested, and I learned to play voleyball.

I still keep many friends who I have visited/hosted after my Erasmus. That's one of the things I am most proud of – to be able to keep these friendships through time.

My advice for those starting an Erasmus is clear: Join ISC as soon as you get there, you won't regret it.

Mikel Ogueta, Spain