Survival Guide

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is held by ISC one week before the semester starts and it provides you a lot of important information which will help you to settle in the Czech Republic. It is strongly recommended to attend this program. During this week you will get to know the main bureaucratic procedures at CTU.

In addition, we will help you to make new local and international friends through parties, games and a lot of trips. You shouldn’t miss this great opportunity!

As of 1 September, all events are planned in-person, but if the pandemic situation gets worse, the Orientation week might be held on-line. We will try to provide you with a great experience and make it possible to meet each other. You can also follow the OW FB event for up to date information.

DAY 1 – Monday (13 September)

Initial information meeting

Tandem Evening

A unique program for improving your language learning and teaching skills organized by ISC Languages team

DAY 2 – Tuesday (14 September)

Registration at faculties

Note: This is only for Erasmus students and Exchange students. Degree students (those who are studying for a CTU degree), and also Erasmus Mundus students, please contact your Faculty coordinators at your study department.

Registration at your faculty is mandatory. If you can't attend this registration, you need to inform your faculty!

For the registration at faculties, you need to have the University ID username and password already. See KOS (Study information system).

Detailed instructions and schedule for faculties with in-person registration will be announced on Monday, 13 September, during the Initial information meeting.

Note: Even if you have courses at multiple faculties, you only need to attend the registration at the ‘main’ faculty you have in your learning agreement.

  • In-person registration:
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) – 9:00, Room T2:D3-209
    • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI) – 9:00, Room 10 at Břehová 7 building
    • Faculty of Transportation (FD) – 9:00, at Konviktská 20 buillding
    • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBMI) – 9:00 in Kladno building (náměstí Sítná 3105), room KL:B-435
    • Faculty of Architecture (FA) – 10:00, in front of the faculty
  • On-line registration: (faculty coordinator should contact you via e-mail with instructions)
    • Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering (FSv)
  • For other faculties see Day 3
  • Slides with information about registration at faculties from Monday’s presentation from Monday
  • You will need:
    • A government-issued ID (e.g. passport)
    • University ID username and password (a.k.a. KOS login information)
    • A pen
  • You will receive:
    • The list of your classes
    • Your schedule

Second information meeting

  • When: 13:30 – 15:00
  • Where: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, room T4:D2-256
  • Topics:
    • Presentation of ISC trips
    • Registrations for trips organized for days 4–7 (ESNcard + cash needed)

DAY 3 – Wednesday (15 September)

Registration at faculties

  • In-person registration:
    • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FS) – 9:00, Room T4:D1-366
    • Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MÚVS) – 10:00, Room 104
  • See Registration on Tuesday for further information

Prague Discovery Game

A great treasure hunt across Prague organized by the ISC Activities team

The exact time and other instructions will be posted in the OW FB event and on Monday, 13 September, during the Initial information meeting.

inteGREATion party

Get to know each other at the very first ISC inteGREAT party and have fun!

DAY 4–7 – Thursday to Sunday (16–19 September)

Trips around the Czech Republic

One-day or two-day events introducing you to a lot of interesting places

  • When/Where: different times and places for each trip, further information on DAY 2 during the second information meeting
  • Do not forget:
    • Cash
    • Small snacks and beverages
    • Comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes

Please keep in mind there are four types of students: Erasmus students, Exchange students, Erasmus Mundus students and Private (self-paying) students. Private (self-paying) students and Erasmus Mundus students, please, contact their coordinators at their study department for information about visa issues, registration at faculties, etc.