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Use your ESNcard and take advantage of these offers. For more discounts all over Europe check the Register your ESNcard there! (Especially useful if you want to travel with Ryanair.)

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Stay in touch with your Erasmus friends and obtain a SIMcard with a favorable Erasmus student tariff together with an ISC membership! First month free with 3 GB data and free SMS to Vodafone. Then you get a 50% discount, so it's just 174 CZK (about € 7).

Don't forget that you should have enough balance on your account. Otherwise you will not be able to pay 174 CZK after each 30 days and the discount will be lost.

How to top up your account? You have several options:

  • Tobacco shops (with Sazka terminal)
  • ATM machines (works with foreign debit card)
  • Online (works with Czech debit card)
  • Vodafone shops


Discover Prague in an interactive and fun way! SmartGuide turns your smart phone into a private guide. Tours around highlights and hidden gems. Integrated maps and GPS. Photos, audio and text descriptions work together.

Download the app via this link and activate the premium account for free with the CVUTVIP promo code!


An exclusive partnership was launched in 2017 between the largest European airline, Ryanair, and the Erasmus Student Network.

What are the benefits offered?

  • For your discount to be valid you need to fill all fields in your profile at and have a registered and valid ESNcard!
  • This discount does not work with vouchers or promotional codes.
  • For booking, use the dedicated portal.
  • 15% discount on 8 single flights (or 4 return flights)
  • Free check in luggage of 15 kg
  • This is only applicable for flights booked at least 28 days in advance and for travelling dates between 1 September to 15 June

Leo Express

If you are a student, take the advantage of travelling on-board Leo Express with 75 % discount. (You will need to prove your student status.) As a non-student, use your ESNcard to obtain a 25 % cash-back from the bought ticket. Enjoy comfortable and fast connections with outstanding services on all lines!

Leo Express operates trains, buses and minibuses in 7 European countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine.

In order to book a ticket visit the page, select the date and time of your journey and make a reservation. To benefit from this exclusive discount, select "Adult” and add a Student discount in the reservation system to apply. Please, have your ESNcard with you when boarding Leo Express connections to prove your discount to the steward/driver.


Grammarly’s AI-powered products help people communicate more effectively. Millions of users rely on Grammarly every day to make their messages, documents, and social media posts clear, mistake-free, and impactful.

With ESN Czech Republic you have a special 50 % discount on the Premium account. Just use this link and enjoy Grammarly Premium for one year.


Travelling with only four T-Shirts, two pairs of Jeans and one pair of shoes. Sounds unrealistic? It is not, ESN Czech Republic and Eurosender can offer you the solution: Simply send your baggage home.

All students in Czech Republic are now exclusively entitled to a special 10% discount by entering the promo code ESNCZ when booking their Eurosender order

Book now here.

The Economist

As an ESN member, you can take advantage of this offer and save 20% on the annual student subscription rate of The Economist. You will also receive one copy of Intelligent Life, the bi-monthly lifestyle magazine from The Economist as a gift.

Subscribe here.