Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

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Do you like playing football, volleyball, floorball or even practicing yoga? If you want to practice such sports even in Prague, you can do so every week mostly at Juliska sport center – all you need is to check the current situation (activities/sports on this website), come, and play.

There are several sports organized throughout the semester for international and Czech students. The level of sport events depends a lot on your participation and propositions.

To enroll to any sport, follow partial instructions or just contact the supervising person (instructor). Some of the sports are for free, some are payed.

You can as well contact the Sports coordinator, (sports@isc.cvut.cz). If you don't receive an answer, just write once again, please.

If you are missing a sport in the list of available sports, please contact the sport coordinator.

In order to assess the interest in a sport, please join the group of the chosen sport on Facebook.

All sports are starting during the 1st and 2nd week of the semester.

Schedule for FALL 2023 coming soon…

Sports Coordinator
  1. Sports Coordinator
  2. Email: sports@isc.cvut.cz