One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith


Would you like to improve your knowledge of foreign languages or teach your language?

Take advantage of our free language courses! The courses are taught by you - Erasmus and exchange students, Czech students and foreigners living in Prague. They are free of charge, fun, and no registration is needed. Language courses for Spring semester 2018 start on Monday, 5 March. The schedule will be updated on Friday, 2 March. The courses take place in the Masarykova dormitory and at Strahov, block 8.

Have a look at the Spring 2018 schedule

Where are the classrooms?
B305 is located on the 3rd floor of the Masarykova dormitory near ISC Point.
R404 is located on the 4th floor of the Masarykova dormitory, same place as ISC Point, just one floor higher.
Strahov room is located on the 2nd floor in block 8 (mezzanine), near stairs.


Tandem is a way of mutual learning and teaching languages. Basically, you will find someone who would teach you a foreign language and you would teach him yours in return.

The main advantage of Tandem is that it will be just you two who will set the time and the intensity of the courses! You can form as many couples as you wish.

Register in the Tandem database and find your Tandem partner!

Come to the Tandem evening on Monday 12 February to the Storm club! See the facebook event.


Café Lingea is a conversational meeting where we informally chat in different languages (English + some chosen). Café Lingea takes place in a different coffee shop or restaurant each time, so it is also a good opportunity to discover some new places in Prague. Join the Facebook group ISC Café Lingea!

Café Lingeas are here for you every 2 weeks!

See the schedule

You can have a look at the Spring 2018 schedule.

Our currently offered courses will end according to every teachers' wish or latest at the end of June. Schedule for the autumn courses shall be published in October 2018. Please note that during summer holidays there are no language classes provided by ISC.

Sometimes the classes have to be cancelled for various reasons. The following table shows the updated list of cancelled and rescheduled classes.