Leisure time

An overview of all cultural events in Prague can be found at: Also check ISC menu every week for cultural info.


You can find a weekly updated programme of Prague movie theatres at: Non-commercial, classical and alternative movies at:


There are many theatres in Prague ranging from opera, ballet and drama to experimental modern theatres. The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the world’s finest. In Prague students can find cinemas, pubs, bars, pizzerias, restaurants and clubs to cater for every taste.


Museums and galleries

The art galleries and museums are of excellent quality.

Tipping in bars and Restaurants

The usual way to tip in non-tourist bars and restaurants is to round the bill up to the next CZK 5 or 10 and have the server keep the change. A 10% tip is good, even in a tourist bar or restaurant.

Culture shock

Some of the symptoms of culture shock include excessive concern over cleanliness and the feeling that what is new and strange is “dirty”. There can be a feeling of helplessness, irritation over delays, and other minor frustrations out of proportion to their causes. Further symptoms may be a feeling that the “natives” are really perverse, and their social rules deserve no respect. This may be accompanied by unwillingness or refusal to learn the language of the host country. In addition, there can be excessive fear of being cheated, robbed, or injured, and great concern over minor pains. Last but not least, there may be a terrible longing to be back home, in familiar surroundings, with friends and relatives, and, in general, to talk to people who really “make sense”.

Most likely, you will experience some level of culture shock. After all, it is normal to miss the comforts and familiarity of home. In the course of one of your first extended stays abroad, you will have to learn how to deal with it.

If you are getting low, do seek help. The International Office and the International Student Club offer a sympathetic ear - talking it out at length, with a “native”, can be very therapeutic.

In exceptional cases, culture shock can make people dangerously depressed. Our normal reaction to dangerously depressed people is to ignore them, as deep depression is unattractive. If you know of a student who is seriously depressed, please inform the International Office.

We believe you will enjoy your stay and that you will easily overcome any “culture shock“.