About CTU in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague was established on the initiative of Josef Christian Willenberg, on the basis of a foundation deed signed by Emperor Joseph I and dated 18 January, 1707.

prof. Ing. Petr Konvalinka, CSc.


Klokner Institute (Ú1, KÚ)
Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (Ú2, MÚVS)
Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (UTEF)
Research Centre for Industrial Heritage (VCPD)
Centre for Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry (CRRACH)


Faculty of Civil Engineering (Faculty 1/F1, FSv/FCE), fsv.cvut.cz
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (F2, FS/FME), fs.cvut.cz
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (F3, FEL/FEE), fel.cvut.cz
Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering (F4, FJFI), fjfi.cvut.cz
Faculty of Architecture (F5, FA), fa.cvut.cz
Faculty of Transportation Sciences (F6, FD/FT), fd.cvut.cz
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (F7, FBMI/FBE), fbmi.cvut.cz
Faculty of Information Technology (F8, FIT), fit.cvut.cz

Other parts of the university

Inovacentrum (Innovation Centre and Incubator)
Service Facilities Administration (SÚZ)
Publishing House
Computing and Information Centre (VIC)
Centre for Information and Counselling Services